Why Via Nova?

We believe “good companies” make good investments.

Via Nova uses corporate behavior metrics as a starting point rather than an afterthought.  Our process identifies successful stocks that not only help you achieve your investment goals, but also reflect your personal standards. 

Via Nova is Latin for new way or new road.  The name, Via Nova, was chosen to highlight our approach to investing.  The via nova for equity investing begins with companies that rank well in important areas such as how they treat the environment, their workers, and their corporate responsibilities among many other metrics.  These higher-ranking companies are what we refer to as “good companies,” and that is our starting point for additional analysis.  Research shows that companies that score well on Environmental, Social and Government (ESG) measures tend to avoid missteps that can cost the company and investors significantly.

By evaluating the economic and policy environment for companies within each sector, we identify companies that are attractive from a valuation perspective and are operating in a positive environment; in other words, have the wind at their back. Via Nova then pinpoints stocks that have the potential to reflect the improvement in the underlying fundamentals, which are more likely to outperform in the months ahead.


Raising your portfolio to a higher standard.